FORSUS Appliance Perth

FORSUS is an efficient way to correct a significant bite problems

After metal braces, the next big thing that children hate about orthodontics are the dreaded ‘headgear’ appliances, that are usually worn externally and can help to fix a bad bite. Thankfully, there is a solution for a significant overbite that doesn’t require any extra pieces outside of the mouth – hallelujah!

The FORSUS appliance is a small spring-like piece that promotes the growth of jaw and teeth structures in adolescents, helping to eliminate excessive overbites, to improve the fit of teeth and to potentially prevent the need for jaw surgery.



We understand that your life and the life of your child is busy and that sometimes, finding the time to schedule repeated appointments is difficult. The FORSUS appliance is fitted in a single appointment and usually doesn’t need any extra work. It is convenient and comfortable for your child, as there are no daily adjustments and as the appliance provides a continuous, light force that moves the jaw and teeth into their correct positions.


No matter what the age or no matter what the benefit, nobody wants to have an uncomfortable orthodontic appliance. The FORSUS appliance has a low profile and does not affect the appearance of your child’s cheeks like other overbite correction appliances. The appliance allows for a full range of motion, so speech and eating habits aren’t affected and so your child will quickly adjust to it.


An orthodontic treatment should never be at the expense of your dental health and our team are committed to ensuring your mouth is healthy throughout your treatments. The FORSUS appliance uses an open coil spring that is designed to be cleaned with ease, while no gaps remain present to trap food. Your child will be able to continue their oral hygiene habits as usual without having to worry about cleaning around a bulky appliance.


The constant pressure the FORSUS appliance generates means that it works without you having to do anything – because we all know that habits can be difficult to form!  Even while your child sleeps, FORSUS helps to move the jaw and teeth into alignment. The appliance works with your existing braces and wires, so there is no need to interrupt the planned treatment.


Still unsure about FORSUS and want to find out more? Please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team.

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