Carriere Distalizer Appliance

Carriere Distalizer Appliance Perth

An efficient way to correct the form or function of a bite.

The Carriere Distalizer is an appliance offered at Smileworx Orthodontics to make your child’s orthodontic experience just that little bit easier and just that little bit more comfortable. It works in a similar way to the traditional headgear appliances, by slowly moving the upper teeth to correct a bad bite before the braces are administered.


As this appliance is usually used before braces, your orthodontist will first need to create an ‘anchor point’ on the lower teeth.  Most commonly, the anchors are a passive lingual arch, a full mandibular fixed appliance or mini-screws. A Carriere Distalizer arm is then attached to the upper teeth on both sides of your mouth. Finally, an elastic band is attached from the upper bar to the lower back molars, creating a gentle pulling force to guide the bite into optimal position.
With good elastic wear, your bite can be corrected in a matter of months, depending on the severity of your case.

At Smileworx, we get that orthodontic treatments can be difficult to understand might not make a whole lot of sense. Our staff are always there for you and your child to ensure you know exactly what is happening throughout all stages of the treatment. We are always open for any questions you might have!