Teenage Orthodontics Perth

As a teenager, hearing the words “you need braces” can fill you with dread. Don’t worry! Braces aren’t nearly as scary, or necessarily as noticeable as you may think. Modern braces come in a variety of styles, materials and colors, making life with braces much easier, more comfortable and even more stylish than in the past. At Smileworx, some of our most common patients are teens and, although the treatment can be lengthy, the end result is truly worth the wait.

If your teenager has just gotten braces, or is just about to get them, we have several ways that we can help to get them used to their new orthodontic appliance.


The first few days with braces can be uncomfortable, as the mouth adjusts to the new pressures on the teeth and jaw. When the braces are put on to the teeth, our orthodontists are meticulous in checking that no wires are askew, or are poking in to the soft tissues of the mouth. We will also provide special orthodontic wax, which can be placed over particularly uncomfortable parts of the appliance to smooth it.


With every patient, no matter what their age, we believe that education is key and knowledge is power! Our team always take the time to explain the details of all aspects of the treatment, what they are doing during an appointment and care between appointments.  Proper understanding of how the appliance works, as well as the importance of its care can make a huge difference in your teenager’s attitude towards their braces and how well they adjust to having them.


With our patients and with our patient’s parents, we are always all ears. Our team encourages your teen to speak up if something doesn’t feel right, or is particularly uncomfortable and we will adjust it accordingly. Any questions you or your teen might have are always welcome, as we understand that braces are often a new thing for families!


If your teen is struggling to adjust emotionally to braces, we always offer a sunny and positive outlook on the situation. This might include helping your teen to focus on the long-term benefits of braces or listing off the countless celebrities who have undergone orthodontics (even as adults!). We understand that sometimes teens tend to focus on the here and now, and imagine a distant straight smile is difficult, but our warm and kind staff are here to help.

If you’re interested in ways that you can help your child with their orthodontic treatment, or are after some more information, head on over to our tips and tricks section.