Children's Orthodontics Perth

Although orthodontics can be a daunting prospect, we generally find that children are actually really excited about it. Whether that is because their friends have it, it is ‘cool,’ or they want the chance to choose different coloured bands to put on their teeth, you might be surprised at how your child reacts! Each appointment is something new, with new changes to their teeth or new appliances to use until the next time.

With our warm and welcoming staff and our fun waiting room, many of our young patients actually look forward to their visits. For other children, the entire prospect is scary and uncomfortable. Our staff are well-versed in soothing and calming children that may feel this way. Sometimes all it can take is to have their orthodontist have a friendly and calm chit-chat, or to conjure a little laugh! Other times, it might take a little video animation of what will happen to their teeth, or even a re-schedule – which is okay by us. We will never force an anxious child.

As a parent, we know that you would rather them not have to go through these things. But if they do have to go through it, we want it to be in the best possible way.