How We Work

What to expect

You might think that all orthodontic practices are the same. We aren’t.

Smileworx Orthodontics certainly is proud of its spectacular results. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of children and adults alike to smile bright! But it is not just our results that sees entire families (parents included) undertaking treatment or that sees our patients recommending us to others; it is our genuine level of care and our dedication to making your experience extra special.  We have created this section so that you might have an inkling of what Smileworx is all about.

Your first visit

The first visit to the orthodontist can be an exciting one for you and for your child. Not only is it the first time that your child visits the fun-filled kid’s corner of the waiting room, it is also the first time they can begin to build a relationship with the Smileworx team! We think this is important as, for many children (and parents), orthodontics can be intimidating and nerve-wracking. Having a calm and familiar team around is just one way to help with this.

Your orthodontist will thoroughly assess your child’s mouth, taking X-Rays, a physical examination and a medical and dental history check. They will then discuss the potential treatment options and the expected results – which is where the excitement comes in! Everyone loves to hear about the future of their smile and about the orthodontic gadgets!

Our orthodontists work with ethics and integrity and never try to sell a treatment that they do not think that your child needs. They firmly believe being honest and open about the possible treatment avenues. Whatever our orthodontists recommend, you can be sure is the best treatment for your child and for the future of their smile.

Scheduling appointments

To ensure that the orthodontic treatment is progressing as planned, you will most likely have to visit us every 4-8 weeks. That means there will be a number of appointments to make throughout the treatment, some with a decent amount of time required. For these reasons, we take extra special care to ensure that we can find you an appointment that suits your busy lifestyle. All of our appointments allow ample time for each patient and we always endeavour to keep your wait time to a minimum.

Our understanding team are always there to help and to make your Smileworx experience a pleasant one. We have chosen our staff carefully and we couldn’t be happier with the morale, attitude, ethics and outlook of our team. Our goal is to have a sterile environment, without the sterile interactions.

Will it hurt?

Some minor tenderness or discomfort is a normal part of an orthodontic treatment and is always short-lived. Your child may experience some tenderness when an appliance is first put on, as the mouth adjusts to the new surfaces and pressures. Our team is there to help to make your child as comfortable as possible and will recommend ways to minimise any pain. This might include providing a special wax to put over the metal braces brackets or suggesting some mouth-friendly dinner ideas.

One of the most important things to us is that your child is not afraid of orthodontics. If you, or your child are concerned about the appliance hurting, please don’t hesitate to talk to one of our staff. They can gently and reassuringly explain what to expect with the treatment and the best ways to make it comfortable.

To straight teeth and beyond.

The last day of treatment is a bit of a bittersweet one. On one hand, your child leaves with a happy, healthy smile, finally free of those pesky braces. On the other it is the end of our orthodontic journey together.

Or is it?

At Smileworx, we don’t want our care to stop the moment the braces come off. In fact, we want it to continue forever! So, if anything goes wrong, like your dog eats your child’s retainer (it is more common than you might think!), all that you have to do is to give our friendly team a call and they’ll be happy to schedule an appointment and to welcome you back!