About Us

At Smileworx Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on more than just our ability to create stunning smiles. We are proud of what makes us different, and that lies in the human element of our practice; that is in the empathetic, kind and genuine demeanour of our staff and our orthodontists. As soon as you walk through the Smileworx doors, you are greeted as a friend, rather than just another patient. To us, you’re not just a number; you’re a member of the Smileworx family.

Our waiting room provides a warm and welcoming environment, where your children can play and where you can relax. We understand that orthodontics can have the ability to cause nervousness and anxiety in both child and parent, so the easier and more comfortable that we can make your experiences, the better!

The Smileworx Carine practice is conveniently located in the Carine Glades Shopping Centre, so if a waiting room just isn’t for you, there are a number of shops – including an IGA, a deli and cafes –  a short walk from our doors. Some orthodontic treatments can be lengthy and we understand that your time is precious.

Once with either Dr Julian Todres or Dr Crofton Daniels (our orthodontists), your child is in safe hands. Both are meticulous with their attention to detail and are particularly patient, walking all patients through their treatments in words that they can understand. Smileworx will never exclude you from your child’s treatment and always allow parents to sit beside the dental chair to support their child and to talk to their child’s orthodontists. They aren’t afraid to answer any of your questions or have a chat, so go on; they won’t bite!

We work with outstanding levels of ethical integrity and never try to sell a treatment or to recommend a treatment that we wouldn’t be happy with our own children having or that we don’t think is necessary. You can have peace of mind knowing that whichever treatment we decide on together will be the optimum choice.

Experience the Smileworx difference.